BTS Love Yourself Chocolate Crème Brulee Oolong Tea// Kpop-FTW BTS Tea // Valentines Day Gift // Limited Time Only

Kpop FTW


This blend of exclusive BTS Love Yourself Tea is a collaboration between KPOP-FTW and Court Of Candles, and is exclusively available from KPOP-FTW (Limited quantities are available).

KPOP-FTW's BTS Love Yourself chocolate crème brulee oolong tea is a luxurious blend of high quality: Oolong tea, Chocolate Chips, Unsweetened Cocoa, Almond Pieces, All Natural Flavors, Jasmine Flowers, and Cinnamon Chips.

This tea was developed with the sentiment of self-love in mind, its warm and rich flavors encourage us to allow ourselves to indulge, to relax, and unwind while enjoying this full flavored loose leaf tea blend. This is the perfect tea to drink while enjoying your favorite K-dramas, KPOP albums, writing fanfics.

After finishing the tea, use the beautifully designed tin as a cute storage container for jewelry, buttons,or other small keepsakes.

SIZE: 25g, approx. 8 - 10 cups

Brewing Instructions:

Mix 1 tsp per 6OZ water (adding milk is optional)

1st Brew: 3 - 5 Minutes

2nd Brew: 4 - 6 Minutes

3rd Brew: 6 - 8 Minutes

Add a touch of sweetener to bring out this tea's natural flavors.

Type: Unknown Type

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