About Us


Kpop-FTW is a global online business that is dedicated to bringing Kpop fans worldwide exclusive merch of their favorite groups, as well as the latest trends. We bring you the hype!

Consider Kpop-FTW your number one place and that awesome friend you can always count on to bring you the hottest and newest trends straight from our warehouse to your home~

Kpop-FTW has many collections from apparel, to our body pillows, to shoes, albums and lightsticks, to makeup. Many of our products are made-to-order and custom, so you won't see our designs anywhere else. If your aim is to stand out, while repping your favorite idols/groups, or if you want to find the perfect gift for that special Kpop fan in your life, then Kpop-FTW is the place to find everything you need. 
We bring the hype, the love and the happiness to all of customers!!