Anime Cooking: Plus Ultra!

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Quick and easy meals have just gotten a whole lot more exciting for all you anime fans out there! You've joined your favorite anime characters on their adventures, you've read about them, and maybe you've even imagined that you are them from time to time. But imagine being able to taste the foods loved by your favorite anime characters!

What if you could cook up a comforting savory bowl of Deku's favorite Katsudon; or slurp up a steaming hot bowl of Naruto's Miso Ramen just like Ichiraku Ramen would make; if you could indulge in a decadent slice of gateau au chocolat as can only be whipped up by the demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis; or how about digging into a mouth-watering Katsu Sandwich from Yoshikage Kira's favorite bakery.

Guess what - now, you can! This cookbook promises to take you on a journey of discovery through the foods of some of the most popular anime series, from Food Wars!, to Dr. Stone, and from HunterxHunter to Sailor Moon. All this through little tidbits of character facts, food history, and fun recipes for delicious meals. This is a cookbook that makes it possible for you to bring a little bit of your favorite anime series to life in your very own kitchen!

Eat-Adakimasu! is a must for every foodie fan, no matter the level of your cooking skills. Out of the tiny number of cookbooks marketed to anime fans, no existing cookbook offers this many recipes inspired by such a wide variety of anime series and characters.

In this book, you are sure to find recipes you love, whether you're a chef who is mastering cooking lessons, or even a beginner at switching on the hob! It provides clear and careful instructions, with readily available ingredients--even for most westerners! This cookbook is for the ultimate fan and is your ticket to staying immersed in the worlds of some of the greatest anime series of all time!

This is your one-stop book for re-creating the best foods inspired by all of your favorite anime characters and series, all in one place. Open up this book and watch the worlds you love on the screen come to life on your table.

We hope you have as much fun re-creating these recipes as we did writing them!

Bon Appetit, or as we like to say EAT-ADAKIMSU!

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