ATEEZ Coloring Book for ATINY: Relaxation, Fun, Creativity

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Suitable for adults and children alike.

This ATEEZ Coloring Book is ideal for ATINY who want to relax, have fun, be creative and de-stress! We at Kpop-FTW were inspired to create a coloring book for Atiny and Kpop fans, based on the amazing boys of ATEEZ, and the feelings we get from their music videos, their uplifting messages and their lyrics! The coloring pages feature gorgeous and detailed drawings of each member surrounded by aesthetically pleasing designs like flowers, abstract shapes, candy and more. Enjoy coloring our stunningly beautiful, accurate, original and hand-drawn illustrations of all eight members. Because you can choose to color these pages as simple or as intricate as you'd like, it is the ideal coloring book for adults and kids and every Kpop fan in between. Let this book inspire you! Use it while listening to your fav ATEEZ tracks, or while watching their Vlives or Youtube Videos. You'll have SO much fun relaxing and coloring each one.

This book is the PERFECT SIZE for artist and non-artists alike at 8.5″ by 11″inches. It features 21 black and white coloring pages that are printed on one side. (So you don't have to worry about bleed-through when using gel pens, pencil crayons, etc.)

Makes the BEST GIFT for you if you love ATEEZ, or if you are a KPOP lover or have a friend, family member, daughter or son who loves the boys of ATEEZ. Also a great gift for anyone who deals with stress and wants a fun, relaxing and creative way to wind down.

 ★★Book Features: ★★

- 8.5" x 11" size format

- 21 pages of drawings on white paper

- Black & white full-page artwork

- Printed on one side

- Hand-drawn, Accurate and Beautiful Illustrations

- Softbound front and back covers white paper stock with Glossy finish

- Best for colored pencil, crayons and gel pens

Give a gift like no other to the special KPOP Fan in your life, or get this book for yourself and stimulate your mind. This book will provide you hours of entertainment and relaxation all while pushing your creativity to the limit! Add this book to cart and see for yourself!

Type: Book

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