[THE BOYZ] 'Right Here' Jacob Body Pillow Style 1

Kpop FTW

This THE BOYZ Jacob Body Pillow Style 1/ The Boyz 'Right Here' Kpop Pillow / Valentines Gift Body Pillow is an exclusive custom design by KPOP-FTW. Now you can have your The Boyz bias as a hug-able and comfortable body pillow. Perfect for lounging around and listening to your favorite The Boyz tracks, or decorating your KPOP space at home!

This pillow cover is made of soft peach skin fiber, and features a covered/hidden zipper.

Makes an awesome gift for fans of The Boyz, especially if for those whose bias is Jacob!

SIZE: 40CM X 100CM, 50CM X 150CM

Type: pillow

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